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Hi, I’m Alex Masters

I’m an Innovation Technologist and Multimedia Designer based in the UK. I work in higher education, with a focus on Game-Based Learning and Frugal Education.
Sometimes I write, sometimes I podcast, and sometimes I tweet.

I write here

When not blogging here I tend to write more  long-form content on, focusing on education and innovation technology.

I don’t write here much, because of Netflix, because I’m busy, but I’m trying to write more!

I podcast here

On my Hack the Class podcast I chat with educators and technologists about how they’re taking a DIY approach to innovation in, and out, of the classroom. Re-imagining teaching and learning practice through the power of Frugal Education. 

Whether it’s taking advantage of free materials, bootstrapping new ideas with trailing-edge tech, or leveraging the latest gadgets in new and novel ways; the tools to innovate are all around you, hiding in plain sight.

I work here

As Disruptive Media Learning Technologist for the DMLL, I focus on the exploration, development, and realisation of innovative learning and teaching practice.

Working as an advisor and mentor to staff and students, my interests lie in the intersection of technology, innovation, and education, with an emphasis on the benefits of game design thinking, rapid development, frugal innovation, and flipped learning practices.

I blog here

Beyond Flipped App: Building the Foundations

With our app structure in draft form and our development team in place we began discussing the more intricate details of the project, mapping out our timeline for development, production, and testing ahead of what we assumed would be a lengthy process for marketing...

Beyond Flipped App: Progressive Design Thinking

When it came time to source a developer for our Beyond Flipped app, we contacted a variety of different development teams to get an idea of what was possible within our allocated budget. The teams consisted of individual developers, small companies, and larger...

Beyond Flipped App: From Idea to Prototype

This post is part of a blog series exploring the development of the Beyond Flipped mobile app for Coventry University. Around 4 months ago, myself and the rest of the Beyond Flipped team sat down to start work on an interesting new project; to develop an educational...