2005 rang, it wants its blogs back.

It’s taken me long enough but I’ve finally tweaked my site design to get it looking, and acting, like a bit of a micro-blogging feed. I want to reclaim my posts and keep them under my own control, where they can be found and read in isolation; without being sandwiched between crypto spam, clickbait, and bots.

Gone are the days of Twitter, replaced by a rats nest of influencers and shit posters, and it’s clear we’re all the better for it. Now that more and more folks are returning to their own little spaces on the web. Sharing their thoughts in longer form.

The results of which are richer and more thoughtful than those shared on social timelines. So much so, that I’ve had several conversations with friends on what are the best RSS readers to use these days in order to follow people’s blogs. (The answer is NetNewsWire, in case you were wondering) 🤓

Dare I say it, I think the web is slowly healing.

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