3,500 Reasons to be Cheerful

I embark on my blogging adventure with perfect comic timing; Jim Groom is celebrates his 3500th post on bavatuesdays. It’s a sign, I’m just not sure if it’s one of inspiration or of a crushing realisation that after countless years of false starts and redesigns, I’m going to find myself looking back on yet another empty blogroll. I’m guessing it’s equal measures of both 😆. Oh the shame. But no! I refuse to fail once again at this whole blogging malarky.

Joking aside though, Jim’s prolific keyboard gymnastics are an inspiration for me to stick with writing until it becomes second nature again. I say again because I used to write for a living. Ten posts a day for goodness sake! Perhaps that’s why I’ve done such a bad job of writing for my own enjoyment these past few years. Like a plumber who never gets around to fixing his own leaky pipes. But those days of writing for a living are well behind me, so that’s really not much of an excuse.

Thing is though, I’ve lost the knack. Writing’s definitely a muscle that needs exercising often, and I’ve been slacking. Just getting past that blank screen is an effort. Jim, on the other hand, well, you just try and stop him. Hats off to you mate, you’ve got the minerals.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to say congratulations Jim! 3,500 posts, that’s amazing. I wish I’d done the same these past 15 years. I started blogging way back in ‘06 when I went travelling, but I never kept it up. I wish I had. Just the other day my mum showed me a folder of all my blog posts that she’d printed out and kept while I was off on my adventures. If I’d continued, maybe I’d have 3,500 reasons to be cheerful. What a wonderful treasure trove of memories to explore!

So, here’s to another 3,500 posts Jim, I look forward to reading them. Hopefully I can use this as inspiration to get my own act together and finally write a sodding blog myself. I’ve had a spring clean. I’ve cleared out all the old “I’m going to start writing” posts, and I’m ready to give this a proper go.

Now I just need something to talk about!

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