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As part of my day job as Learning Technologist at the DMLL I’m currently working on the development of a ‘Knowledge Toolkit’ for packaging up the various Flipped Learning resources and teaching practices practiced within our learning lab, and across the wider Coventry University network of academics, technologists, and support staff.

I’m thrilled to be working on the project alongside my colleague and good friend Alan Richards as we bring this toolkit kicking and screaming into existence! Not to mention our graduate project activator Oliver Wood, who’ll be helping us author the content found within the toolkit.

We have a shared vision for the toolkit, and see it not only as an extension of the lab’s efforts to experiment and deliver new teaching and learning innovations, but also as an institution-wide hub to disseminate innovative tools and resources across the Coventry University campus and beyond.

All of our efforts within the DMLL are open by default and licenced under the creative commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike licence (see licence); meaning every resource is free to use and remix by anyone, including other educational institutions. This licence will extend across the knowledge toolkit we’re developing, in the hope that others may use these tools in their own teaching and find value in our efforts, findings and practices.

It’s early days so far, so there isn’t much to show at this stage, but we plan to move fast and share our progress along the way for others to learn from. Think of this as an introduction to a design diary of sorts, serialised into blog posts, as we try to organise and present our lab’s findings in an engaging and easy to digest manner.


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