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Over the festive break I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with my very good friend Paul Spencer of Apauling Games fame. We’re talking future fame here, as he’s just starting his own indy games company, and he’s right at the start of what is almost certainly going to be an exciting and, most importantly, fun adventure creating analogue games.

Yes, analogue! None of that app store tap-a-thon, ad-supported rubbish. We’re talking tangible games. Cards, boards, scorecards, and a return to a more social style of gaming. That’s where Christmas comes in handy. We’ve been testing one of Paul’s first games ‘Nothing to Declare’ down the pub, and in various living rooms over the Christmas break. Trying out different versions of the game and providing feedback about what does and doesn’t work to a very patient and understanding friend!

Paul even managed to create a new version of the game, with updated rules and gameplay, which we were then able to try out and get a feel for how the changes affect the game. It’s been great fun to be involved in the process so far, and I would highly recommend bookmarking the Apauling Games site and trying out Nothing to Declare when it launches in the coming months.

In the spirit of openness, Paul will be blogging about this escapades in game design on his site, and I’ll be catching up with him for a series of Google Hangouts being produced for our upcoming ‘Game Changers‘ open games design programme, where we’ll be discussing many aspects of the design process.

I’ll be posting those up on this blog too, so don’t be a stranger!


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